Find Alice Gross

Saturday, 6 September 2014

I have been very saddened and moved by the plight of a family reasonably local to me whose daughter has gone missing. From the beginning, after seeing the photos of 'Alice Gross' on posters around Ealing and on Facebook, I had a feeling that she was suffering from anorexia. I could not see her body, but, as silly as it may sound, the look in her eyes was one I recognised and could relate too. Three times since her disappearance, I have been stopped by police cars in the evening and asked for my details, each time they have explained they are looking for a missing girl and just need to confirm who I am. We are not the same race, age, I don't think we look anything alike, but maybe they too could recognise the troubled look. It has been confirmed that Alice is suffering from anorexia. She is still missing. Her families response in my opinion is admirable, they truly have put everything in to finding Alice and she is clearly missed greatly. I'm sure she will not read this, but I know that if you type 'Anorexia' and a few other things into search engines, my blog comes up. I also know people with eating disorders often read about others experiences. For this reason I wanted to send a message to Alice, just in case there is the slightest little chance she has ever looked at my blog, seeking comfort that others minds are as haunted as hers, if you are able Alice, go home and let people look after you. Anorexia can make you feel very guilty and as if everyone would be better off without you. It can make you feel like you cause more trouble than you are worth. It can be very frustrating for those who love you and sometimes that can cause you lots of guilt. I have no idea whether Alice ran away or whether she is away from her family involuntarily, but I do want to say that if she can go home or if anyone knows where she is, please please let her be reunited with her family. She needs the love of them to help her battle her daemons. However much it may feel that anorexia is just causing your loved ones too much anguish and they would be better off if you ran away, it's not the case. They love you. They may hate the anorexia, but that doesn't mean they hate you. It is quite clear from the determination of the Gross family that Alice is very loved. I hope that she gets home and that she battles her daemons. Please share the poster below on twitter/facebook/anywhere you can.


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